Community Health Assessment Data Sources

Datasets are maintained by the office that has programmatic responsibility for that particular topic. At this time, only vital events data are queryable in the NJSHAD system. Therefore, if you need a wide range of data for a given community you will have to get it from the various data sources within and outside the Department of Health.

Health Status Reports

  • NJSHAD Indicator Reports are available for a wide variety of public health topics. They do not contain sub-county-level data, however most contain county-level data. For those that do, county data may be accessed via the left navigation menu by hovering over Graphical Views and selecting the view "by county" or by choosing Complete Profile and scrolling down to the view by county.

Births, Deaths, Infant Deaths, and Fetal Deaths

Census Data and Population Estimates

  • NJ State Data Center: Data are provided for the state, metropolitan areas, counties, and municipalities.

Health Insurance Coverage




Cardiovascular Disease

Child and Adolescent Health

Communicable Disease



Substance Abuse

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