Indicator Profile of Health Insurance Coverage, New Jersey Residents Under Age 19

Why Is This Important?

Lack of health insurance is strongly associated with lack of access to health care services, particularly preventive and primary care. The uninsured are significantly more likely to be in fair or poor health, to have unmet medical needs or surgical care, not to have had a physician or other health professional visit, and to lack satisfaction in quality of care received.

Percentage of Children Under Age 19 Without Any Health Insurance Coverage, by Age, New Jersey, 2003-2008 (*HNJ2010*)

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Data Notes

Estimates are based on weighted data. **This is a Healthy New Jersey 2010 (HNJ2010) objective.**

Data Sources

Current Population Survey: Annual Demographic File, Bureau of the Census; 


The percentage of New Jersey children under age 19 without any health insurance at the time of the survey.

How We Calculated the Rates

Numerator: Number of persons under age 19 years who report no coverage by any type of public or private health insurance.
Denominator: Number of persons under age 19 years.

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