Query Builder for New Jersey Mortality Data: Age-adjusted Rates (Deaths Per 100,000 Standard Population) for Counties


How to build your query

The most current data year and all deaths are pre-selected in the steps below. If you do not want to choose different years or filter your results by any demographic characteristics or cause of death, skip to the last STEP bar and select how you would like to display the results (i.e., which rows and columns you want in your data table) then click SUBMIT at the bottom left of the query builder steps to get your query result.

If you want to only see data for certain years, demographic characteristics, or causes of death, follow the numbered steps below to narrow your query. When you are done filtering your query, open the last STEP bar to select which rows and columns you want in your data table. After that, click SUBMIT at the bottom left of the query builder steps to get your query result.
Step 1: Select year of death (2011)

Selecting years

Use Ctrl to make multiple selections or drag the mouse to select consecutive years.
Select years.

Step 2: Select race and/or ethnicity (Race/ethnicity combined: All races/ethnicities)

Race Selection Changes

In 2003, the standard US death certicate was changed to allow selection of more than one race. NJ implemented the new certificate in 2004. There are no records for Two or More Races in 2000-2002. Some out of state occurrences had 2+ races in 2003. See the Death Data Technical Notes for detailed information.
Choose a coding scheme to use for race and ethnicity. Default is race/ethnicity combined, all races/ethnicities.

All races/ethnicities
White, non-Hispanic
Black, non-Hispanic
Hispanic (of any race)
Asian, non-Hispanic
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, non-Hispanic
American Indian/Alaska Native, non-Hispanic
Other Single Race, non-Hispanic
Two or More Races, non-Hispanic
All races
Black or African American
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
American Indian/Alaska Native
Other Single Race
Two or More Races
Hispanic origin
Both Hispanic and non-Hispanic
Step 3: Select gender

Select which gender you would like to include in your analysis. The default is both genders.

Step 4: Select cause of death (NJDOH 33 Major Causes of Death: All causes)

Cause of Death

There are a variety of predefined causes of death to choose from. If causes on the predefined lists do not meet your needs, you may enter your own ICD-10 codes by selecting "User-defined causes."
First choose a coding scheme to use for causes of death. Default is all causes.

NJDOH 33 major causes of death

NCHS Leading Causes of Death

The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) has developed a uniform procedure for ranking causes of death. Using the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) coding structure, 113 selected causes of death were consolidated from the entire ICD-10 coding structure. Of these 113 causes, a subset of 50 rankable causes were selected to rank deaths for individuals older than one year of age. The rankings denote the most frequently occurring causes of death among causes eligible for ranking. Use the help page link to the right with a yellow "?" for a listing.
NCHS 50 rankable causes of death
NCHS 113 selected causes of death

How to Specify ICD-10 Codes

Enter the codes with or without the decimal point. Use a hyphen to indicate a range of codes. Use a space or comma between codes.

Note that, for example, P23 includes all codes under P23 (congenital pneumonia), from P23.0 (Congenital pneumonia due to viral agent) to P23.9 (Congenital pneumonia, unspecified). Because the codes are alpha-numeric and not simply numeric, deaths coded simply P23_ [underscore added to show blank space] will not be included in a range from P23.0-P23.9 since P23_ is less than P23.0. P23-P24 would include all codes under P23 and P24.
User defined causes

Step 5: Select county of residence

Select county of residence. The default is all counties.

Step 6: Select how to display the results

Use the drop down list options below to specify how to display the numerical data values on the query results page. If both a Row Values Grouped By and a Column Values Grouped By are specified, then a two dimensional table will be presented in the query results. Regardless of what is selected, a standard data list table will be presented as well as meta data that describes the data sources, data issues, and any data notes. Select the Chart Graphic Type option below if you want a chart graphic to be shown.
Specify how to display the numerical data values.

Column Values Grouped By:
Row Values Grouped By:
Age-adjusted Rates (Deaths Per 100,000 Standard Population) for Counties data values

Chart Graphic Type:

Finish: Submit the defined query
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